Changing the way 
teachers teach and 
the way students learn

We're helping teachers integrate technology into the classroom.

When we started working in underserved schools in 2012, we set out to use mobile technology to change the way teachers teach and the way students learn. That's how our Verizon Innovative Learning schools program began.

Technology is opening doors for students.

Students from the schools programs are improving in areas that pave the way to STEM careers. According to their teachers, students were better at problem-solving and were more interested in STEM fields.

Inspiring students and teachers across the country

Working in partnership with Digital Promise, we provide tablets with data plans to every student and teacher within select schools. We also provide training that leverages mobile technology to prepare students for college and STEM careers.

Inspiring educators
of educators gave students more projects to work on
Inspiring students
of participants are more interested in math
Serving the underserved
of particpants are eligible for free or reduced lunch

Resources for schools and educators

The professional development that we built in the schools program is available to educators across the country. Mobile Learning Academy is a free, moderated, 10-week online learning program delivered in partnership with the International Society for Technology in Education. It also offers continuing education units from Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology Education.

For schools

This seven-chapter online series shares a blueprint to help roll out technology in schools.

For teachers

Find tips, resources and solutions to integrate technology into your classrooms.

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