Wireless Broadband for Mobile Connectivity

Households with Mobile Phones

Households with Laptops

One of the biggest trends in the communications marketplace is the consumer’s increasing appetite for wireless broadband applications such as downloading music, watching TV, sharing photos and connecting to the Internet. Recent advances in mobile technology have transformed the wireless experience by moving traditional high-bandwidth Internet applications off the PC and onto handheld devices. As a result, consumers are now able to use their wireless phones, laptops, PDAs and smartphones to download videos, purchase songs, navigate city streets, watch the news, manage their finances and send email from just about anywhere they may be.

Verizon is leading the way in meeting these evolving needs of mobile customers. Our nationwide wireless broadband network is available to more than 240 million people across the United States, enabling a suite of services that deliver entertainment, information and productivity benefits to customers.

With Verizon’s V CAST services, for example, customers can listen to their favorite music by choosing from more than 2.6 million songs available for downloading from Verizon’s online music store.

We also offer V CAST Mobile TV, which provides customers TV broadcasts of their favorite full-length comedy, sports and news programming right to their phone. In addition, our VZ Navigator service is a real-time GPS navigation system, featuring up-to-date maps and spoken turn-by-turn directions.

For business customers, Verizon’s BroadbandAccess service provides high-speed wireless access to email, corporate intranets and the Internet from notebook computers. We also offer a wide variety of smartphones that provide wireless access to email and other information stored on home or office computers.

Through our Open Development Initiative, announced late last year, we will provide customers the option to use, on the Verizon Wireless network, wireless devices and applications not offered by the company but available from developers. These devices will be certified that they meet our technical standards. By opening our wireless network to an even wider array of innovators, we will set the stage for the next level of wireless growth. This new option for customers will be available by the end of this year.