High Bandwidth for Today’s Digital Lifestyle

U.S. Households with Broadband

U.S. Households with HDTV

Early online applications like email were primarily text-based and rode over existing telephone and cable networks. But now a new generation of broadband, fueled by the demand for interactive multimedia and high-definition content, is gaining popularity in the marketplace.

The number of homes with high-definition TVs continues to grow, as does the prevalence of computers in the household. At the same time, the content and applications that run on these devices require an increasing amount of bandwidth coming into the home. Copper wires and coaxial cables simply aren’t the best solution for delivering the advanced communications services of the 21st century. Only fiber-optic cables have the necessary bandwidth to keep pace with consumer demand in the years ahead.

With Verizon’s all-fiber network, our customers’ homes and offices are wired for the future. We’re the only major communications company that’s installing fiber directly to homes and businesses on a mass scale across the country. Our fiber-optic network offers nearly unlimited bandwidth for voice, Internet and high-definition TV services, and is designed to handle new applications as they’re developed.

Thanks to the massive bandwidth of fiber, Verizon’s FiOS Internet is the fastest service available, with speeds as high as 50 Mbps (megabits per second). No other provider comes close. As our customers continue to need more “downstream” bandwidth to download music, movies and other high-capacity applications, we can easily add additional bandwidth to meet their needs. In addition, customers are demanding faster “upstream” speeds for sending photos, videos and other large files to their family and friends. Again, Verizon’s fiber network is unmatched. In 2007, Verizon introduced a symmetrical FiOS Internet service with upload and download speeds of up to 20 Mbps, which is ideal for uploading large files to businesses from work-at-home employees. We are the only company to offer symmetric Internet service at these speeds on a mass scale.

Verizon’s FiOS TV service is also provided over our advanced fiber-optic network. Because of our direct fiber connection, FiOS TV delivers amazingly sharp pictures and sound. And with the virtually unlimited bandwidth potential of fiber, Verizon will be able to provide more high-definition channels and programs than any other video provider. So as the number of HD channels continues to grow, our advanced network will be able to meet our customers’ increasing appetite for more bandwidth.

Verizon is delivering the broadband future right to our customers’ front doors. By connecting our fiber network directly to homes and businesses, we are uniquely positioned to enable the bandwidth-intensive applications and services that will continue to transform the world we live in.