Global Connectivity for International Growth

Global Security Services Spending Forcast


In the pursuit of growth, companies are moving into new, high-potential global markets to offer their products and services. These companies also want to maximize their effectiveness and productivity. As a result, corporations are faced with the challenge of connecting their workforce, their systems and their communications networks in countries around the world.

A global company’s network shouldn’t care if employees and customers are wired or wireless, if they’re in Paris or Singapore, or if they’re working on a laptop or a PDA. They need to be able to gain access whenever they want, wherever they are and on whatever device they choose.

Verizon is a leading provider of advanced communications and information technology solutions to large business and government customers worldwide. Combining our vast global network reach with advanced communications, security and other professional service capabilities, Verizon delivers innovative and seamless products to customers around the globe. We use our world-class network as the foundation for offering secure services and end-to-end solutions that enable our customers to better serve their customers.

In 2007, Verizon Business moved to further increase its strategic services leadership. With the acquisition of Cybertrust, Verizon Business became the leading provider of managed information security services to business and government customers worldwide. By combining Cybertrust’s global presence and customer base, focused security expertise and professional services with Verizon Business’ comprehensive security portfolio, global IP network and financial strength, the acquisition created a powerful and unique player in the global security marketplace.

Verizon Business is also a founding partner and landing party in a consortium building the Trans Pacific Express (TPE) — the first next-generation undersea optical cable system directly linking the U.S. mainland and China. The TPE system will use the latest optical technology to provide greater capacity and higher speeds to meet the dramatic increase in demand for IP and video services. The TPE cable system will complement Verizon’s existing submarine cables in the Asia-Pacific region, providing further diversity from other undersea routes.

Whether it’s providing significant network capability, personal service or an extensive set of products and services, Verizon is the premier provider of advanced communications and IT solutions worldwide.