Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements



Discontinued Operations

Telecomunicaciones de Puerto Rico, Inc.

On March 30, 2007, we completed the sale of our 52% interest in Telecomunicaciones de Puerto Rico, Inc. (TELPRI) and received gross proceeds of approximately $980 million. The sale resulted in a pretax gain of $120 million ($70 million after-tax). Verizon contributed $100 million ($65 million after-tax) of the proceeds to the Verizon Foundation.

Verizon Dominicana C. por A.

On December 1, 2006, we closed the sale of Verizon Dominicana C. por A (Verizon Dominicana). The transaction resulted in net pretax cash proceeds of $2,042 million, net of a purchase price adjustment of $373 million. The U.S. taxes that became payable and were recognized at the time the transaction closed exceeded the $30 million pretax gain on the sale resulting in an overall after-tax loss of $541 million.

Verizon Information Services

In October, 2006, we announced our intention to spin-off our domestic print and Internet yellow pages directories publishing operations, which have been organized into a newly formed company known as Idearc Inc. On October 18, 2006, the Verizon Board of Directors declared a dividend consisting of 1 share of the newly formed company for each 20 shares of Verizon owned. In making its determination to effect the spin-off, Verizon’s Board of Directors considered, among other things, that the spin-off may allow each company to separately focus on its core business, which may facilitate the potential expansion and growth of Verizon and the newly formed company, and allow each company to determine its own capital structure.

On November 17, 2006, we completed the spin-off of our domestic print and Internet yellow pages directories business. Cash was paid for fractional shares. The distribution of common stock of the newly formed company to our shareowners was considered a tax free transaction for us and for our shareowners, except for the cash payments for fractional shares which were generally taxable.

At the time of the spin-off, the exercise price and number of shares of Verizon common stock underlying options to purchase shares of Verizon common stock, restricted stock units (RSU’s) and performance stock units (PSU’s) were adjusted pursuant to the terms of the applicable Verizon equity incentive plans, taking into account the change in the value of Verizon common stock as a result of the spin-off.

In connection with the spin-off, Verizon received approximately $2 billion in cash from the proceeds of loans under a term loan facility of the newly formed company and transferred to the newly formed company debt obligations in the aggregate principal amount of approximately $7.1 billion thereby reducing Verizon’s outstanding debt at that time. We incurred pretax charges of approximately $117 million ($101 million after-tax), including debt retirement costs, costs associated with accumulated vested benefits of employees of the newly formed company, investment banking fees and other transaction costs related to the spin-off, which are included in discontinued operations.

In accordance with SFAS No. 144 we have classified TELPRI, Verizon Dominicana and our former domestic print and Internet yellow page directories publishing operations as discontinued operations in the consolidated financial statements for all periods presented through the date of the spin-off or divestiture.

The assets and liabilities of TELPRI are disclosed as current assets held for sale and current liabilities related to assets held for sale in the consolidated balance sheet as of December 31, 2006. Additional details related to those assets and liabilities were as follows:

(dollars in millions)

At December 31,


Current assets



Plant, property and equipment, net



Other non-current assets



Total assets




Current liabilities



Long-term debt



Other non-current liabilities



Total liabilities



Related to the assets and liabilities above was $241 million included as Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss in the consolidated balance sheet as of December 31, 2006.

Income from discontinued operations, net of tax, presented in the consolidated statements of income included the following:

(dollars in millions)

Years Ended December 31,







Operating revenues











Income before provision for income taxes










Provision for income taxes










Income from discontinued operations, net of tax










Extraordinary Item

Compañía Anónima Nacional Teléfonos de Venezuela (CANTV)

In January 2007, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (the Republic) declared its intent to nationalize certain companies, including CANTV. On February 12, 2007, we entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Republic, which provided that the Republic offer to purchase all of the equity securities of CANTV, including our 28.5% interest, through public tender offers in Venezuela and the United States. Under the terms of the MOU, the prices in the tender offers would be adjusted downward to reflect any dividends declared and paid subsequent to February 12, 2007. During the second quarter of 2007, the tender offers were completed and Verizon received an aggregate amount of approximately $572 million, which included $476 million from the tender offers as well as $96 million of dividends declared and paid subsequent to the MOU. Based upon our investment balance in CANTV, we recorded an extraordinary loss of $131 million, including taxes of $38 million.

Other Dispositions

Telephone Access Lines Spin-off

On January 16, 2007, we announced a definitive agreement with FairPoint Communications, Inc. (FairPoint) that will result in Verizon establishing a separate entity for its local exchange and related business assets in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, spinning off that new entity into a newly formed company, known as Northern New England Spinco Inc. (Spinco), to Verizon’s shareowners, and immediately merging it with and into FairPoint. These local exchange and business assets are included in Verizon’s continuing operations. It is anticipated that as long as all conditions are satisfied and assuming completion of the related financing transactions, both the spin-off of Spinco to Verizon shareowners and the merger of Spinco with FairPoint will occur on March 31, 2008. Verizon’s Board of Directors established a record date of March 7, 2008, and a closing date of March 31, 2008, for the proposed spin-off of shares of Spinco to Verizon shareowners.

During 2007, we recorded pretax charges of $84 million ($80 million after-tax) for costs incurred related to certain network and work center re-arrangements, the isolation and extraction of related business information, and other activities to separate the wireline facilities and operations in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont from Verizon at the closing of the transaction, as well as professional advisory and legal fees in connection with this transaction.

Upon the closing of the transaction, Verizon shareowners will own approximately 60 percent of the new company, and FairPoint shareowners will own approximately 40 percent. Verizon Communications will not receive any shares in FairPoint as a result of the transaction. In connection with the merger, Verizon shareowners will receive one share of FairPoint stock for approximately every 53 shares of Verizon stock held as of the record date. The proposal relating to the merger was approved by the FairPoint shareowners in August 2007. Both the spin-off and merger are expected to qualify as tax-free transactions, except to the extent that cash is paid to Verizon shareowners in lieu of fractional shares.

Based upon the number of shares (as adjusted) and price of FairPoint common stock (NYSE: FRP) on the date of the announcement of the merger, the estimated total value to be received by Verizon and its shareowners in exchange for these operations was approximately $2,715 million. This consisted of (a) approximately $1,015 million of FairPoint common stock that was to be received by Verizon shareowners in the merger, and (b) $1,700 million in value that was to be received by Verizon through a combination of cash distributions to Verizon and debt securities issued to Verizon prior to the spin-off. Verizon currently intends to exchange these newly issued debt securities for certain debt that was previously issued by Verizon, which would have the effect of reducing Verizon’s then-outstanding debt. The actual total value to be received by Verizon and its shareowners will be determined in part based on the number of shares (as adjusted) and price of FairPoint common stock on the date of the closing of the merger. This value is now expected to be less than $2,715 million because (a) FairPoint expects to issue approximately 54 million shares of common stock in the merger and the price of FairPoint common stock has declined since the announcement of the merger (the closing price of FairPoint common stock on the last business day prior to the announcement of the merger was $18.54 per share) and (b) in connection with the regulatory approval process, Verizon currently expects to make additional contributions of approximately $320 million to the entity that will merge with FairPoint.

Verizon Hawaii Inc.

During 2005, we sold our wireline and directory businesses in Hawaii, including Verizon Hawaii Inc. which operated approximately 700,000 switched access lines, as well as the services and assets of Verizon Long Distance, Verizon Online, Verizon Information Services and Verizon Select Services Inc. in Hawaii, to an affiliate of The Carlyle Group for $1,326 million in cash proceeds. In connection with this sale, we recorded a net pretax gain of $530 million ($336 million after-tax).