Transforming Verizon to Deliver the Best
Wireless and Broadband Experience
voice data to content applications

We've spent the last decade remaking our wireless, landline and Internet backbone networks and expanding the range of products, applications and services we can deliver to our customers. Today our customers do much more than make phone calls and send e-mail messages. They use our networks to watch high-definition (HD) TV, surf the Internet, share photos, watch videos online and conduct videoconferences around the globe. We're prepared for the next wave of growth that will come from a new generation of broadband devices, applications and services that will use our wireless and fiber networks to deliver advances in entertainment, education, commerce and health care.

separate platforms to unified platforms

One of the biggest challenges for customers is bringing together all their digital experiences to make their lives more convenient and productive. We'll soon be able to provide a technical solution to the challenge of convergence by designing applications that work across all our networks - broadband, global IP and wireless. Our customers will no longer be stranded on separate islands of technology because we'll be able to build an application once and have the network deliver it to customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Giving customers new tools to better manage their digital lives will be one of the great business opportunities in the coming years.

offering compeling experiences

We're transforming our networks to provide for the bandwidth-intensive applications our customers will need in the future. Our all-fiber network will deliver all the advanced HD and Internet services that are being developed. You'll walk through virtual stores, attend classes held thousands of miles away, or consult with your doctor - all without leaving home. Wireless smart phones will provide advanced Internet, video and computer applications to keep customers informed and entertained on the go. And our global network will support a new wave of productivity-enhancing applications like secure global transactions, electronic supply chains and manufacturing processes, and virtual-reality videoconferencing.

creating communities

Verizon is doing much more than simply connecting individuals. We're developing innovative network services that create communities where friends and neighbors, buyers and sellers, or teachers and students around the world can come together in unique and exciting ways. We're enabling these valuable social networks by providing our customers the tools to share experiences with each other whenever and wherever they happen. We're also helping address social issues that are critical to the well-being of our communities by building advanced broadband networks that are creating the jobs of the future, making communities more competitive and driving innovation and growth.