Any Time, Anywhere Broadband Connectivity
anytime anywhere

At Verizon, we saw early on that wireless customers wanted to do more than just make phone calls, so we invested in wireless broadband technology to provide them with the bandwidth, speed and mobility they desire. Today our customers can check e-mail, get driving directions, take photos, share videos and explore the Internet, all with their mobile phones. We have the largest high-speed third-generation (3G) wireless network in America. With its size, scope and reliability, this advanced network provides the best wireless broadband experience in the industry and strong growth opportunities for our company.

But as our customers' needs continue to evolve, they'll want new ways to communicate whenever and wherever they choose - anywhere around the globe. They'll need more bandwidth, innovative phones and other advanced services that enhance their mobile world. In fact, soon we won't think only in terms of a wireless “phone.” The next generation of wireless broadband will be embedded into all kinds of consumer and business electronics including cameras, cars, credit cards, security systems, shipping containers, medical monitoring devices and even home appliances.

So in 2010, we'll roll out our fourth-generation (4G) wireless network using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. This will enable customers to access data at even faster speeds, and it will provide a common wireless technology platform with true global scale. LTE will create additional growth opportunities by delivering an unprecedented wireless broadband experience for high-performance mobile computing, advanced multimedia applications and sophisticated electronic devices.

We envision a future where a wide variety of wireless products and services from a growing portfolio of developers will be available for use on the Verizon Wireless network. To encourage this new round of innovation, Verizon Wireless is providing network options for using wireless devices, software and applications provided by third-party developers. Our Open Development Initiative is part of our strategy to expand the wireless market and offer our customers more wireless choices. Our goal is to create new opportunities for businesses, consumers and shareowners by driving broadband innovation deeper into the wireless marketplace.

To help deliver the broadband future, Verizon purchased valuable wireless spectrum from the FCC in 2008. This spectrum is a critical piece of our overall broadband strategy to take advantage of the enormous opportunity for growth in data services in the future. The spectrum will allow Verizon to capture the full potential of our 4G LTE network, our Open Development Initiative and the resulting next wave of wireless innovation.

Our investments will help us continue to maintain our network superiority, satisfy our customers' broadband needs and provide additional value to our shareowners in the years ahead.