FiOS TV - the Future of Television

As the nation's premier broadband and entertainment provider, Verizon leads the way in delivering ultra-fast broadband using fiber-optic technology. Other companies claim to use fiber, but only Verizon FiOS delivers 100% fiber-optics - providing virtually unmatched bandwidth - on hair-thin strands of glass directly to our customers' homes. Our all-fiber network offers an extraordinary experience in TV, Internet and phone, and provides immense capacity that will meet our customers' bandwidth needs well into the future.

Cable companies deliver their broadband and TV services over coaxial cable, which has a fraction of the bandwidth available on our all-fiber network. In addition, cable customers share their broadband with other subscribers in their neighborhood, causing users to compete for available bandwidth during periods of high usage.

Verizon's advanced technology and superior services have made FiOS the top-rated broadband service in America. Thanks to its unique architecture, Verizon's all-fiber network has virtually unlimited capacity, which delivers faster two-way speeds and better picture quality than cable companies can offer. Our FiOS TV and Internet services don't have to struggle for bandwidth, because they're delivered over separate high-capacity wavelengths of light. With the immense bandwidth of fiber, we can offer more HD channels than any cable provider, and our uncompressed HD signal guarantees pure HD picture and sound.

But as recent history has shown, the amount of bandwidth that people use today is far less than they will want tomorrow. This is good news for Verizon because bandwidth growth is what makes FiOS so appealing. Our fiber network can be easily expanded to provide additional capacity by simply upgrading the lasers on the end points of the fiber cable. We avoid the labor-intensive costs of replacing our infrastructure, and we can grow as our customers' broadband needs evolve, providing superior service and an efficient return on our network investment for years to come.

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