Delivering a World of Experience

The global marketplace continues to change, creating communication challenges for multinational corporations faced with widely dispersed employees, incompatible systems, limited resources and increasing competition. These organizations require a communications partner that can provide end-to-end solutions for the complex business needs of global enterprise customers.

As one of the leading providers of global communications, IT and security solutions, Verizon Business owns and maintains the world's most-connected public IP network. Our vast experience, global reach and advanced technologies provide governments and businesses innovative solutions for a rapidly changing global environment.

Our strategic IP-based services are the essential building blocks for the integrated communications and IT solutions that Verizon Business offers worldwide. Strategic services include security and IT solutions as well as a full spectrum of professional and managed IP services that help customers make the most of IP communications, infrastructure and technology. The ongoing strong demand for these advanced services underscores that multinational customers see superior value in services that can help them maintain their competitive edge under any market conditions.

The growth of strategic services shows that multinational corporations and government agencies continue to look for ways to communicate and collaborate more effectively with customers, employees, suppliers and other key stakeholders around the globe. Verizon Business offers a range of video-related products, including a telepresence solution. Telepresence is the next-generation virtual meeting service that goes beyond video conferencing by creating the impression that everyone is assembled face-to-face in a single conference room. Working with the industry's leading equipment manufacturers, Verizon Business provides the ideal telepresence platform through its Private IP and Ethernet offerings.

In 2008, we expanded and improved what was already one of the world's few truly global networks, resulting in enhanced speed, availability, diversity and resiliency for business and government customers worldwide. These improvements were part of approximately $17 billion we invested last year building, operating and integrating our advanced broadband wireless and wireline networks.

We continue to invest in global network enhancements and innovative technologies that give our customers a competitive edge, whether they are across town or around the globe.