Connecting Nations Across the Globe

To meet the needs of businesses that operate around the world, Verizon has made strategic investments to become a leading provider of global communications, IT and security solutions with the world's most connected public IP network. As a founding member of the Trans-Pacific Express (TPE) Cable Consortium, Verizon Business has played a key role in helping to design, engineer and build the 18,000 kilometer (11,000 mile) TPE cable network, which is now in service. The TPE cable connects the United States to mainland China, South Korea and Taiwan.

As the only U.S.-based founding member of the consortium, Verizon Business guided the direction of the TPE cable and provided all U.S. operational needs for the TPE Consortium. These include responsibility for activities at the cable station in Oregon, on the U.S. network cable routes and in the TPE network operations center, all of which allow us to provide a high level of network management functions for our customers. The next planned phase of the TPE system, with the addition of NTT Communications to the consortium, will provide new connections from Japan to China, Taiwan and South Korea.

Our involvement allows our customers to take full advantage of the cable system and the Verizon Business network, providing direct connectivity to our ultra-long haul and global mesh networks.

Businessman on Cell Phone