Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements

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Reportable Segments

We have two reportable segments, which we operate and manage as strategic business units and organize by products and services. We previously measured and evaluated our reportable segments based on segment income. Beginning in 2008, we measure and evaluate our reportable segments based on segment operating income, which is reflected in all periods presented. The use of segment operating income is consistent with the chief operating decision makers' assessment of segment performance.

Corporate, eliminations and other includes unallocated corporate expenses, intersegment eliminations recorded in consolidation, the results of other businesses such as our investments in unconsolidated businesses, lease financing, and other adjustments and gains and losses that are not allocated in assessing segment performance due to their non-recurring or non-operational nature. Although such transactions are excluded from the business segment results, they are included in reported consolidated earnings. Gains and losses that are not individually significant are included in all segment results, since these items are included in the chief operating decision makers' assessment of segment performance.

The below reconciliation of segment operating revenues and expenses to consolidated operating revenues and expenses also include those items of a non-recurring or non-operational nature. We exclude from segment results the effects of certain items that management does not consider in assessing segment performance, primarily because of their non-recurring or non-operational nature.

In 2008, we completed the spin-off of our local exchange and related business assets in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Accordingly, Wireline results from divested operations, including the impact of the non strategic assets sold during the first quarter of 2007, have been reclassified to Corporate and Other and reflect comparable operating results. In 2007, we completed the sale of our 52% interest in TELPRI and our interest in CANTV. In 2006, we closed the sale of Verizon Dominicana. Consequently, with these three transactions, we completed the disposition of our International segment. Also in 2006, we completed the spin-off of our Information Services segment which included our domestic print and Internet yellow pages directories business. For further information concerning the disposition of the International and Information Services segments, see Note 3.

Our segments and their principal activities consist of the following:



Domestic Wireless

Domestic Wireless's products and services include wireless voice, data services and other value-added services and equipment sales across the United States.




Wireline's communications services include voice, Internet access, broadband video and data, next generation Internet Protocol network services, network access, long distance and other services. We provide these services to consumers, carriers, businesses and government customers both in the United States and internationally in 150 countries.