In Their Own Words
financial performance

“I believe that our results show good operating and financial discipline throughout the business. Our strong focus on managing costs and capital spending allowed us to maximize free cash flow and return cash to shareowners. Our Board’s decision to approve a dividend increase for the third consecutive year demonstrates confidence in the strength of our cash flow and balance sheet, as well as our commitment to reward shareowners while continuing to invest for long-term growth.”

- John Killian, EVP and CFO – Verizon

wireless transformation

“Verizon’s fourth-generation (4G) network technology will dramatically enhance wireless data speeds, opening a new world of devices, content and applications that will ride on it. Expect to see mobile video-sharing, conferencing and streaming all in higher definition than is possible today. There will be an explosion of consumer electronics embedded with 4G. Moreover, 4G will have the capacity to enable a whole new wireless grid of machine-to-machine connections. The growth potential is extraordinary.”

- Lowell McAdam, EVP and President and CEO – Verizon Wireless

network superiority

“Our investment in intelligent network technology will support the growth of the Internet well into the 21st century. The incredible speed and bandwidth in our FiOS and global IP networks uniquely position Verizon to handle the explosion of Internet and video traffic we’ll see in the years ahead. The advanced services and solutions we’re able to offer on these intelligent networks will enhance lives and empower businesses.”

- Fran Shammo, President – Verizon Telecom & Business

operational efficiency

“We remain focused on transforming operations and driving process efficiencies to reduce costs, improve service and enable growth. We’re using our scale to standardize network, supply chain and major transactional functions to unify the customer experience across our global operations. Last year we expanded our FiOS and global IP networks in key growth markets; reduced our real estate, supply chain and finance operational expenses; and expanded our Environmental Sustainability Project to make our operations even more efficient.”

- Virginia Ruesterholz, President – Verizon Services Operations