Letter to Shareowners
Ivan Seidenberg

Ivan Seidenberg, chairman and chief executive officer of Verizon, delivering the opening keynote speech at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Dear Shareowner,

One question lies at the heart of America's challenge to regain its leadership after years of economic turmoil: What's the key to growth and competitiveness? At Verizon, we answer that question simply and consistently. We have a vision of the future based on expanding markets for mobility, broadband and video. We invest capital in network technologies that put us in the center of these growth markets, and we innovate – on our own and with partners – to deliver new capabilities to the marketplace and create even more opportunities for growth. We sustained this investment-and-innovation model throughout the economic downturn, building scale and capacity in the growth businesses of the future. We focus on running disciplined, efficient businesses that deliver the benefits of these superior assets to our customers and shareowners. As a result, these vibrant mobile and broadband businesses are both driving Verizon's growth and contributing substantially to the technology base for a renewal of America's competitiveness in the innovation economy.

2010 was a standout year in our continuing shift toward growth.

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