innovation for connected people

Verizon's all-fiber FiOS network is the ideal platform for bandwidth-intensive applications such as two-way, high-definition video chats in the comfort of your living room.

s home entertainment has evolved from analog to high-definition and now 3-D, Verizon has created a high-capacity broadband network that can stay ahead of new technology. Five years ago, video accounted for just 10 percent of the traffic on the Internet. Now, it's more than half and could go as high as 90 percent in the near future. Connected homes have sparked a creative revolution in digital media and fueled tremendous growth in game consoles, HDTVs, DVRs and home-networking equipment. Going forward, consumers will experience innovations like 3-D videoconferencing, holographic games, virtual travel and much more.

The optimal platform for handling this kind of bandwidth demand is fiber, and Verizon's 100 percent fiber-optic FiOS network investment positions us to be a premier provider in this market. We've built the largest and fastest fiber-to-the-home network in the U.S., capable of handling high volumes of streaming video and on-demand content.

Fiber connectivity is a giant leap forward from other technologies, moving on-demand viewing beyond the home and taking sporting events to a new level. We've taken the lead on delivering the highest-quality 3-D programming; last year we aired the first 3-D broadcasts of college football, NFL and major league baseball games, and we offer a growing catalogue of 3-D movies-on-demand.

In fact, we recently upped the ante for home broadband by tripling our top speed to 150 megabits per second, setting a new benchmark for high-speed Internet. On the average broadband connection today, a full-length HD movie takes almost four and a half hours to download. With 150 megabit service, that time is reduced to just four and a half minutes. With practically no limit to the speeds fiber can deliver, we believe that the connected home will dramatically change the way we communicate.

Setting up a connected home begins with a superior home network. Verizon's FiOS service lets users stream content from their PCs to their FiOS-connected TVs, including digital photos, music files, Internet radio stations, home movies and Internet videos. But the home network is only the beginning. With the intelligence and speed engineered into our fiber-optic network – along with the power of our 4G LTE network – Verizon will continue to transform the broadband experience and deliver a whole new suite of innovative services for the home.

Innovation Continued …