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Verizon's cloud strategy delivers highly secure, on-demand solutions to business and government customers anywhere, anytime over our advanced global IP network.

hanks to IP innovation, the people we interact with every day could be in the next town or on the next continent. They may be working in an office, but they just as likely may be participating in a video conference at home or downloading presentations at an international airport.

How people communicate has changed, but what hasn't changed is our need to collaborate. We still have to share ideas, build relationships and foster a sense of teamwork. In essence, we need to communicate as if we are meeting face-to-face, even though we may be many time zones apart.

Thanks to Verizon's global capabilities and Internet backbone facilities, we are a major provider of communications services on a global scale, with some 180,000 enterprise customers around the world. Businesses increasingly depend on transporting terabytes of video and data internationally to a wide array of people and devices, and Verizon's high-capacity global networks allow us to meet this rapidly increasing demand.

Verizon's Internet backbone reaches close to 160 countries on six continents and has been named by TeleGeography as the most connected Internet backbone network for 11 of the last 12 years. Our high-speed undersea cables link the world's major markets, and we were the first company to deliver commercial long-haul service at 100 gigabits per second.

We've enhanced our capabilities in professional and strategic services through acquisitions like Cybertrust, which made Verizon the leading provider of managed information security services to large-business and government customers worldwide. Earlier this year, we announced a definitive agreement to acquire Terremark, a global provider of managed IT infrastructure and cloud services. This transaction will help accelerate Verizon's everything-as-a-service cloud strategy.

The cloud is made up of huge digital storehouses containing media, communications, personal data and network intelligence – basically anything that can be digitized and made available to users wherever they are. Verizon's global networks and data centers give us the necessary infrastructure to be a major source of innovative cloud services. We have the network intelligence and security built into our systems to make the vision of reliable global access a reality. The industry is still in the early stages of this revolution, but cloud services will be a dramatic shift in how content and services are delivered to our connected world.

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