Proxy Statement
Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Time and Date


10:30 a.m., local time, on May 5, 2011






University Place Conference Center
850 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202




Items of Business


  • Elect 12 Directors
  • Ratify the appointment of the independent registered public accounting firm
  • Provide an advisory vote related to Verizon’s executive compensation program
  • Provide an advisory vote on the frequency of future advisory votes related to Verizon’s executive compensation program
  • Act upon the shareholder proposals described in the proxy statement that are properly presented at the meeting
  • Consider any other business that is properly brought before the meeting




How to Vote


If you are a registered shareholder, you may vote online at, by telephone or by mailing a proxy card. You may also vote in person at the annual meeting. If you hold shares through a bank, broker or other institution, you may vote your shares by any method specified on the voting instruction form that they provide. We encourage you to vote your shares as soon as possible.

By Order of the Board of Directors,

  • William L. Horton, Jr.
    Senior Vice President,
    • Deputy General Counsel and
      Corporate Secretary

March 21, 2011

Important Notice Regarding Availability of Proxy Materials for Verizon’s
Shareholder Meeting to be Held on May 5, 2011.

The Proxy Statement and Annual Report to Shareowners are available at

Proxy Statement

We are mailing this proxy statement to our shareholders beginning on March 21, 2011, and it is also available online at or, if you are a registered holder, at The Board of Directors is soliciting proxies in connection with the 2011 Annual Meeting of Shareholders and encourages you to read this proxy statement and vote your shares online, by telephone or by mailing your proxy card.