Mr. Neubauer, 72, is Chairman of ARAMARK Holdings Corporation and its subsidiary, ARAMARK Corporation, a professional services company. Until May 2012, he was also the Chief Executive Officer. He has served in those roles with ARAMARK and its predecessors for more than 25 years. ARAMARK’s approximately 272,000 employees provide food, hospitality, facility and uniform services in 22 countries and generated $13.9 billion in revenue during its 2013 fiscal year. Mr. Neubauer joined ARAMARK’s predecessor, ARA Services, in 1979 as Executive Vice President of Finance and Development, Chief Financial Officer and a Director. He was elected President in 1981, Chief Executive Officer in 1983 and Chairman in 1984.

During his long tenure as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ARAMARK, Mr. Neubauer gained business and management experience leading a large, complex organization with international operations and a large, diverse workforce. This experience gives him a thorough understanding of many important issues facing Verizon. Mr. Neubauer brings to the Board, along with other skills and qualifications, extensive expertise in corporate finance, strategy and development. His broad background in hospitality and professional services, as well as his in-depth knowledge of consumer services, give Mr. Neubauer insights on reaching retail and business customers, which is critical to Verizon’s success.

Mr. Neubauer has served as a Director of Verizon since 1995 and is a member of the Human Resources Committee. He is also a director of Macy’s, Inc. (since 1992). In the past five years, Mr. Neubauer has served as a director of Wachovia Corporation.