Schedule of Outstanding Debt

Verizon's most current schedule of outstanding debentures and notes, calculated with a variety of line items not included in the SEC filings.

Debt Ratings

Current ratings as assigned by the three major credit rating agencies, Moody's, Standard and Poor's and Fitch, on the outstanding notes and debentures of Verizon Communications.

OTC Financials

Verizon's Operating Telephone Companies financials not requiring filing with the SEC, i.e., Verizon California, Inc., Verizon Delaware, Inc., Verizon Florida, Inc., Verizon Maryland, Inc., Verizon New England, Inc., Verizon New Jersey, Inc., Verizon New York, Inc., Verizon North, Inc., Verizon Northwest, Inc., Verizon Pennsylvania, Inc., GTE Southwest, Inc., Verizon Virginia, Inc., and Verizon West Virginia, Inc.