What is a podcast?

A podcast is a multimedia file, such as an audio recording of an investor conference. You can listen to a podcast online or download it to your computer or portable player. By subscribing to a podcast, you can have the latest podcasts automatically downloaded to your desktop.

How Can I Subscribe to a Podcast?

To subscribe to a podcast, you will need to first download a "podcatcher" application that will allow you to collect and download podcasts. When you subscribe to a podcast, your podcaster software will automatically check for new media files and download them to your computer. Many podcatchers are available and most are free (such as iTunes and Juice).

To receive Verizon Investor Relations podcatcher, first download and install a podcaster. Next, subscribe to the podcast by clicking the orange POD button below and copying the URL. Finally, add the URL in the appropriate subscription field for the podcatcher that you are using. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the documentation for your chosen podcatcher.

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