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2019 Mobile World  

We don’t wait for the future. 
We build it.

We're bringing 5G’s incredible potential to life at the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Verizon 5G is the first and only 5G network with the power to enable the Fourth Industrial Revolution, built using the one technology up to the task: millimeter wave—with unmatched performance and unbeatable reliability to transform businesses, industries, cities and beyond.


Fira Barcelona
Booth 2G31, Hall 2

5G in  

Visit our booth to see the possibilities of 5G.

  • 5G Public Safety

    Users will navigate a low visibility room using an AR display embedded within a fire fighter’s mask. The user’s view is streamed over 5G to external interface and shows future capabilities such as firefighter location tracking.

  • 5G AR Graphics

    In partnership with Epic, this AR experience allows users to see very high-end gaming graphics and dynamic lighting on-the-go over our 5G network; and they'll witness the graphics actually adapt to changing environmental variables.

  • 5G Devices

    Four NR devices will be showcased: Inseego Mobile Hotspot, LG Flash, Motorola Z3 Mod, Samsung Beyond X. The LG Flash will be used for a cool demo where the user scans products that activate special notifications, promotions or video clips using AR technology. 


Areas of  

  • Fourth Industrial 

    We are leading the conversation on how 5G Ultra Wideband will usher in a new era of digital connectivity. Follow the conversation.

  • 5G Ultra Wideband

    Verizon will be first to market with 5G services, built on the world’s first and only 5G Ultra Wideband network. 

  • 5G Labs

    Verizon’s 5G Labs will explore the boundaries of 5G tech, co-create new use applications, and encourage local innovators to rethink what’s possible in a 5G world.

  • 5G EdTech

    Verizon Innovative Learning has launched the first ever 5G EdTech challenge, pledging $1 million for 5G solutions to challenges facing under-resourced classrooms.

  • 5G Home

    Verizon 5G Home is the first ever 5G-powered wireless network that can connect all your devices. It’s internet that blankets your whole home in super-fast WiFi.




Check out the Verizon schedule of events at Mobile World Congress. Use #MWC19 to follow our latest updates on Twitter.

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