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Verizon will not charge Remind fees as long as Remind doesn’t begin charging K-12 schools, educators, parents and students using its free text message service.


Update: (1/14/19) Verizon waives late fees and agent assist fees, in addition to flexible payment options to federal government employees impacted by the government shutdown.


Hans Vestberg discussed upcoming breakthroughs in connectivity, shaping the direction of change and how 5G will impact how we live, work and play.

Built on 5G Challenge Logo

Verizon announced the launch of the Built on 5G Challenge that calls on big thinkers nationwide to find transformative solutions that leverages 5G ultra-wide band connectivity.


Verizon announced that approximately 10,400 employees have been accepted as part of a voluntary program to leave the business


Powered by next-generation network services, Verizon’s space will include five floors reserved for incubators, accelerators and partners.


Service helps protect against cyberattacks by creating virtual network boundary


Verizon and Urbanova, in collaboration with Spokane, Washington have agreed to partner on creating scalable technology solutions for smarter, safer, more connected places to live.

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Effective immediately, Bartlett assumes responsibility for joint ventures, strategic investment activity, acquisitions and divestitures.