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Get breaking news on telecommunications policy issues from Verizon, including privacy, net neutrality, spectrum, taxation and federal regulations.


Statement from Craig Silliman on the upcoming Wireless Emergency Alert scheduled for October 3, 2018.

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Today, FCC Commission Brendan Carr outlined a proposal that calls for streamlining the way 5G small cells are deployed nationwide.


Commissioner Clyburn showed strong leadership on such issues as strengthening the Lifeline program, reforming prison payphone rates, and addressing the digital divide.


All customers with the existing 215 or 267 area codes should be prepared for the introduction of the new 445 area code on March 3, 2018.


This is Verizon’s reaction to an FCC proposal to amend net neutrality rules.

800,000 reasons why diversity matters

Verizon is a strong supporter of the DACA program and believes that it is a truly valuable resource for our economy and our society.


Verizon suggests that open internet protection requires people coming together to urge the passing of net neutrality legislation.


President Donald Trump announced plans to nominate the FCC Chief Counsel as a member of the Federal Communications Commission.


The FCC voted today to open a proceeding that proposes to reverse the treatment of broadband services as common carriage services subject to utility regulation under Title II.


Federal Communications Chairman Ajit Pai today outlined a plan to reverse the FCC’s 2015 decision to apply Title II utility regulation to broadband.