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Seasonal businesses in the retail, finance and healthcare sectors have a new opportunity to access business-class voice quality, improve business continuity and control communications costs, wirelessly.

History was made – and shared – during Super Bowl 50

Verizon customers used 68,800 gigabytes (GB) of wireless data in the Bay Area, equivalent of 45 million social media posts.

Network testers go where fans go at Super Bowl 50

Network test-walkers will provide real-time stats during the pre-game events throughout the Bay Area.

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Verizon has much in store for fans, both on the ground and coast to coast, from once in a lifetime experiences with NFL players, and tickets to the game to its superior network in the Bay area and at the Stadium.

Behind The Scenes - Super Bowl 50 Network Prep

Hundreds of Verizon employees have worked for nearly two years to prep for Super Bowl 50

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Verizon and Librestream Technologies said today that Diebold, Incorporated, is using the Librestream Onsight video collaboration platform over Verizon’s leading 4G LTE wireless network to equip field service teams with video-enabled tools that help serve customers more efficiently and effectively.


The Great Debate: Pizza or Cell Phones?

LTE in Rural America

Verizon it has met its goal of deploying 4G LTE technology and spectrum across rural counties in 15 states.


A reliable Internet connection is important for people’s lives no matter where they live or who their carrier is.


I get questions from some people about LTE-U so I thought it might make sense to answer some of them here.