There is a reason why Verizon is on the cutting edge of mobile innovation: we invest. We invest in spectrum. And we invest – heavily – in building out


Road Tripping From Kansas to Colorado & Connected to 4G LTE


How Thru-Hikers Stayed Connected on the Appalachian Trail With Verizon


The distinct fried dough and warm sugar smells of funnel cake waft through the warm summer air.

Composer, Innovator and Verizon Patent Award Winner – Patricia Chang

A Verizon Patent Award winner, Patricia describes her current role at Verizon as “her dream job”. She attributes that distinction to the company’s energetic environment where she learns new things every day.

Pittsford Mendon High School, High Altitude Balloon - 2014

What goes up must come down. And when the “what” is a weather balloon payload parachuting to the ground after a four-hour ride 98,000 feet into the st


I can remember my parents teaching me about the importance of the greater good as a child.  “It’s not all about you” and “you get along by going along


There continues to be a lot of swirl around Verizon New York’s work to restore voice service on Fire Island, a barrier island off the New York coastline. Recall that in these coastal areas in New York and New Jersey, Superstorm Sandy devastated homes


Introducing HomeFusion Broadband: a new service that provides high-speed in-home Internet access using the power and speed of 4GLTE.