VtoV, our Employee Relief Fund

Five years ago, an important program was introduced to our employees.

60 seconds with Kwame Trotman.

Fun facts about our newest Retail leader.

Meet Nieama Booker

The Jersey City born V Teamer tells her story of of how she went from hard times to celebrating at President’s Cabinet.

VR Demo Fiber Splice

Verizon is launching new and engaging AR and VR applications to deliver more effective new hire training and to enhance employee education, communications and skills.

V Teamer from Little Rock, AR returns to defend his Jeopardy title.

V Teamer from Little Rock, AR, returns to defend his Jeopardy title.


Verizon proudly participates in the U.S. Army’s immersive training program to help prepare the Army’s brightest problem solvers for future assignments.

Your camera. Our Credo.

We need your help creating this year’s Credo video.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions Client Partner and President’s Cabinet Winner Tony Traber and Family

In less than a month, Tony Traber will say goodbye to his wife and three kids, ages eight, six, and three. It will be over a year until he’ll see them again in person


Today, Oath, a Verizon (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) subsidiary announced K. Guru Gowrappan will join the company as President and COO.

60 Seconds Michelle Miller

Take a minute to get to know our South Central Market Retail leader.