Enterprise Solutions

The future of collaboration: What do bots have to do with it?

A visit to Verizon’s booth at Enterprise Connect 2018 revealed how Artificial Intelligence is impacting the future of collaboration.


Colt and Verizon have today successfully showcased two-way inter carrier Software Defined Network (SDN) network orchestration at an event in London.

Photo of Eric Cervis

Verizon Partner Solutions’ Eric Cevis discusses telecom industry trends, and what’s most important for his team in the coming months.

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect combines three best-in-class fleet and mobile workforce management software companies to deliver solutions that help drive safety, productivity and efficiency.

Mobile Security Index

Verizon’s inaugural Mobile Security Index seeks to raise awareness about security threats and the importance of safeguarding data as organizations increasingly rely on mobility.


Verizon Enterprise Solutions later this year will launch a portfolio of blockchain platform services based on Guardtime’s KSI Blockchain® capabilities.


Verizon used multi-stream immersive virtual reality and video to stream live in-stadium game action in Minneapolis and New York over 5G technology

Answering the call

Justin Timberlake and Verizon Call on Viewers to Share Their Own Thanks and Donate
at AllOurThanks.com

Verizon and KT showcase Samsung 5G Tablets, conduct video call

Verizon, KT and Samsung collaborated to place the first-ever 5G video call on a 5G-enabled tablet

5G Unlocks the future of immersive experiences

Verizon demonstrates how 5G is changing the immersive technology experience and opening the door for future use cases