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Interview with Prof Shaun Wang and Verizon’s Ashish Thapar on the challenges facing insurance companies offering cyber insurance policies.

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Verizon public safety event in Orlando FL demonstrates the present and future of network preparedness and emergency response

Nicola Palmer, Chief Network Engineer and Head of Wireless Networks, Verizon

The initial testing results of the Top 125 U.S. cities are in and Verizon’s Network is unbeaten in reliability performance 91 percent of the time.

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IT tips for small businesses to consider as they prepare for the holiday shopping season.

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The Holiday Retail Index by Verizon monitors daily traffic volume to the top 25 U.S.-based online retailers throughout the holiday shopping season.


Verizon Partner Solutions has announced availability of a Software-defined Wide Area Network Solution for wholesale customers.

Helene Milbert and Gary DeVoe

For these two Verizon team members, working with veterans is part of the job.

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Verizon gives its view on enterprise technology trends most likely to impact global business and Government customers in 2018.


Highlights of Verizon Partner Solution’s activity in Q3 2017


Verizon Enterprise Solutions today announced availability of its Software-Defined WAN (SD WAN) for federal government customers.