Internet of Things & M2M

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If SXSW 2017 was any indication, the world is ready to usher in the era of smart communities and the safer, more inclusive, and more connected society they will bring.

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Two of Verizon's top IoT and healthcare experts share some exciting connected solutions for the future of smart healthcare.


Digital transformation sets the stage. Real-world thinking, speed of service and the end-user experience will define the business of IT.


Verizon's IoT experts share some of the most imaginative ways we’ll interact with and use drones in the future.


Verizon Telematics expert Amit Jain predicts big moves toward safety and convenience in vehicles in 2017.


Verizon Advertiser Solutions expert Colson Hillier predicts accelerated connectivity and convenience in 2017.


Verizon Smart Communities expert Lani Ingram predicts that the dream of smart cities will come closer to reality in 2017.


Verizon is working with Swiftmile to make the last mile of commuting easy by getting commuters on “smart” electric bikes.


Verizon Labs' Chief Technologist Sundar Rangamani predicts a focus on consumers and ethical questions in 2017.


IoT and connected solutions expert Mark Bartolomeo predicts the rise of "Internet 3.0" in 2017.