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WorldCom, Inc. today issued the following statement in response to the proposal from GTE Corporation to acquire MCI Communications Corporation.


GTE Corp. proposes to acquire MCI Communications Corporation in a transaction valued at approximately $28 billion in cash or $40.00 per share.

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WorldCom announced today that it is mailing to all MCI shareholders its preliminary proxy statement and preliminary exchange offer prospectus.

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WorldCom said that it was prepared to meet with MCI and its advisors at any time to address any questions the MCI board or its advisors may have regarding the WorldCom offer.

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The FCC has extended the timetable for public comment on WorldCom's application to establish a voting trust.


WorldCom, Inc. (WorldCom) today announced the merger between WorldCom and MFS Communications Company, Inc. (MFS) has been completed


Jack Goldberg, NYNEX vice president for Wholesale Markets, issued a statement.


The merger is expected to be completed on December 31, 1996.


Tele-TV and its partners are finalizing a 1997 business plan for Tele-TV focused on supporting the partners' digital television products.


MCI doesn't believe in fair competition, according to company testimony at a Nov. 12 hearing of the Delaware Public Service Commission.