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Simple tips for international travel: Secure your identity, insure against mishaps, and avoid international roaming fees with TravelPass.


Traveling to PyeongChang in Feb.? Use your plan in South Korea just like you do at home when you sign up for Verizon Up by 2/28: Get TravelPass for free in Feb. in South Korea.


With Verizon’s TravelPass offerings, people can use their existing data plan to their heart’s content.


Verizon’s TravelPass feature extends to business travel destinations like Hong Kong and Europe.

Travel Essentials for Backpacking Abroad

Whether you’re taking time off before school or work, or looking for a summer adventure, backpacking Europe is on every traveler’s bucket list.

Summer in Rio: essentials for the athletic adventurer

Verizon customers heading to Brazil can utilize their existing data plan with TravelPass.

Not going to Rio? Load up your phone with these apps and feel like you’re there

Enjoy the Rio games this year through the use of some amazing apps.

Are We There Yet? Educational Apps to Keep Kids Entertained on the Road

List of apps designed specifically to entertain and educate young ones while traveling or at home, with the new Verizon Plan or abroad with TravelPass.


Whether you’re cheering on your favorite event or competing for victory, you can now share your favorite moments in Brazil for half the price.


Check out our favorite destinations—not only will you get to escape the heat at home, but you’ll be able to get a little R&R.