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Apps and gadgets that could make future travel a breeze

From robot luggage to translation earbuds, the future of travel is all about convenience.

The best apps for preserving your memories abroad

Check out these great apps for documenting your travels, as well as the benefits of TravelPass from Verizon.

Woman on mobile at airport

Plus, Verizon has added more countries to its TravelPass feature, offering access to more than 90% of countries visited by Verizon customers.

Add Verizon to your pre-travel checklist

Add Verizon to your pre-travel checklist. Here are 5 more tech companions to consider for your next trip.

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With TravelPass from Verizon, you can use your existing talk, messaging and data plan while traveling abroad.

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It’s peak travel season and finally time for a long-awaited summer vacation. As you finalize plans for your trip, check out these unique mobile apps.


When travelling outside of the U.S., avoid unnecessary International data usage by turning off roaming, connecting to WiFi and disabling push notifications.:

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From the Great Wall of China to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, these apps can help you move from one world wonder to the next.


Planning a Vacation With Tech: Two Backpackers. One Epic Europe Trip.