Verizon Networks


2018 was a year of industry firsts and tremendous innovation benefiting Verizon customers


Agfa has signed up with Verizon Enterprise Solutions to transform its global network infrastructure.


Verizon Enterprise Solutions announces a new solution offering authentication and anti-fraud protection for enterprise call centers on its network.


The Holiday Retail Index by Verizon monitors daily traffic volume to the top 25 U.S.-based online retailers throughout the holiday shopping season.


Verizon and Urbanova, in collaboration with Spokane, Washington have agreed to partner on creating scalable technology solutions for smarter, safer, more connected places to live.

Verizon WECC at Marianna, FL

As our recovery work continues in Florida every Verizon customer in Bay and Gulf counties, Florida will receive three months of free mobile service from Verizon.

VITA 1280x720

Verizon has been awarded a contract modification with the Virginia Information Technologies Agency to provide voice and data networking services.

LTE Advanced networks

Companies achieve 1.45 Gbps on LTE live commercial network using six carrier aggregation.


Verizon has deployed its SD WAN solution for one of the world’s biggest power transmission and distribution equipment companies in a span of 12 weeks.


Since 2015, in Illinois alone, Verizon has invested more than $1.5 billion to meet and exceed our customers’ growing needs and also build for the future.