4Q VZPulse, a deeper dive.

By: Ewa Iwinski

Our VZPulse+ provided lots of insights. Now, it’s time to understand them better.

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Verizon’s journey from great to fantastic is an ongoing conversation, and that’s why the 4Q VZPulse is here. Through your additional insights on key themes uncovered through VZPulse+, we can keep winning now and into the future.

Here is what you need to know about this quarter’s survey.

It’s a deeper dive.

While we continue to execute on our VZPulse+ action plans, the short quarterly Pulses, such as this one, give us additional insights into what we’ve already learned. Based on the findings, we can build clearer pathways for improvement. While no new action plans are required for the 4Q survey, you and your leaders should discuss the findings from this survey and refine your plans wit new opportunities.

It’s private and confidential.

The survey is confidential, which means leaders cannot drill down into personally identifiable responses. Only aggregate results are shared with managers and leadership. Leaders must have at least five survey responses to see any results at all. As part of our contractual relationship, Gallup does not sell any information provided by Verizon.

It’s quick and easy.

It takes just a moment to answer seven survey questions. Your honest feedback contributes to our overall growth as a company and helps build our future.

Find it fast.

Just like last time, you should look for an email from Gallup at support@mail.gallup.com. It’s an external message with the [E] in the subject line. You can also access your survey invitation via your “To Dos” on VZWeb or via text messages sent to work devices. The Media team can access the survey via the Gallup tile in Okta. Builders must be logged in to the ANyConnect VPN app.

We are well in our pursuit of great to fantastic, but the journey continues. The survey will run through October 30. Don’t miss an opportunity to have your voice heard.

​V Teamers, click here to join the conversation on VZWeb.

About the author:

Ewa Iwinski is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team. She supports culture and employee communications for Verizon Consumer Group and Corporate functions. Originally from Poland, she lived in several countries and is currently based in New Jersey. She is an avid traveler and a dark chocolate junkie.

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