5 days, 5 actions toward a more engaged Election Day.

By: Sara J Wetli
Employee Communications Manager | Copywriter | Editor

National Voter Education Week shines a light on voter preparation and casting your ballot with confidence.

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Tami Erwin kicks off National Voter Education Week with a personal message to V Teamers who are eligible to vote in the November 3 election. “Every election is important,” she says. “Do your homework.”

Whether you’ve been casting your ballots for decades or you’re among the 15 million young adults who are eligible to vote for the first time in 2020, part of a voter’s responsibility is making an informed decision.

October 5-9 is National Voter Education Week. This nonpartisan initiative focuses on helping voters get from the important first step of registration to making informed decisions up and down their ballot. Each day of the week spotlights one important voter action.

Monday #VoterReady

Register to vote or check your registration status. As Tami mentioned in her message, most states have October registration deadlines.

Tuesday #MailReady

If you’re eligible to vote by mail and plan to do so, request your ballot now! Only a handful of states will mail you a ballot automatically.

Wednesday #VotePlanReady

Making a voting plan starts with two decisions: how and when you’ll vote.

  • If you’re voting with a ballot that’s been mailed to you, follow the instructions carefully and learn where and when to return your ballot
  • If you’re voting in person prior to November 3, verify your polling location options, hours and necessary identification to bring with you
  • If you’re voting in person on Election Day, confirm your polling place, hours and necessary identification to bring with you

To ensure that all V Teamers have the opportunity to participate in the 2020 elections, all U.S.-based employees who are scheduled to work on Election Day will receive up to four hours paid time off to vote or participate in civic activities in support of voting. NYC-based associates already have this day as a holiday.

Thursday #BallotReady

You don’t have to wait until Election Day to decide how you’ll vote. Take a close look at your ballot now so there aren’t any surprises in the voting booth. Check your election official’s website or Ballotpedia for your sample ballot.

Friday #WeReady2020

You made it to Friday and you’re ready to vote! Now you can help others prepare to make their voices heard. Assist your friends and family in completing the steps above.

Also, look for volunteer opportunities that center around voting. Check the Volunteer Portal for events such as helping voters protect themselves from COVID-19 (Event ID #2705), transporting voters to and from polling stations (Event ID #2672), staffing polling places (Event ID #2671), manning a voter hotline (Event ID #2670), and more.

This information is being provided without regard to political preference and is not being offered or withheld based on support for or opposition to particular candidates or a particular political party.

About the author:

Sara creates employee communications for 30,000 Verizon Business Group V Teamers, including Verizon Connect, Public Sector and support teams. My responsibilities range from publishing "Behind the Business" and other employee newsletters to video script writing and editing, intranet stories, leader communications, editorial services for other teams, and email distribution via the eCRM.

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