Ask a recruiter: How do recruiters work with hiring managers?

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Verizon recruiters explain the relationship.

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In our #AskaRecruiter series, we are consistently asked this question - “How do recruiters work with hiring managers?” Hiring managers are highly involved from the moment the position is identified, during the interview process and through the candidate offer. As a key partner in the hiring process, hiring managers need to stay connected to the recruiter. To get a clearer picture, here are some of the ways hiring managers and recruiters partner to attract the best talent on their teams.

Identify the need. The hiring manager identifies the need, obtains approval from a department head, crafts the first draft of the job posting and reviews resumes. A recruiter may assist in using information from the job posting to determine if candidates have the appropriate skills, or not, during the screening process.

Own the process. A hiring manager owns the process of hiring a potential candidate in partnership with their recruiter. Some of the most pivotal processes may include: defining roles and responsibilities, marketing new opportunities, owning the final hiring decisions and notifying the recruiter if changes occur or if the position is to be withdrawn. Recruiters will assist in finding a slate of candidates and acting as a communications liaison between the hiring manager and the interviewees.

Interview. In most cases, the hiring manager serves as the main interviewer during the hiring process. If you’re qualified and being considered for the position, a recruiter will reach out to conduct a phone screen with you. Then, the hiring manager will hold the initial interview and any follow-ups. While the recruiter can identify the right skill set through the phone screen and the resume, the hiring manager has to take a deep dive in getting to know each candidate. The first phone and in-person interviews are a time to build a relationship with your new potential employee. Once the interviews are complete, it is ultimately the hiring manager’s decision to bring a new candidate on their team.

Offer. Once you’ve been made an offer and accepted, the recruiter and hiring manager will work together to set the wheels in motion to ensure a smooth transition. This will include the start of a background investigation, in some cases a drug test, and a package of company materials to review. You can also expect several follow ups by both the recruiter and hiring manager to set you up for success on your first day, and give you the power to go beyond in the rest of your career.

Those are just a few of the things that go into being a hiring manager at Verizon. 

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