Back-To-School Made Easy With Devices & Apps

This is a guest post from Matt Baliva, Verizon Wireless assistant retail manager in St. Louis, MO

For most students, what seemed like a never-ending, hot summer is starting to wind down. Before they know it, they’ll be back to a school-year routine full of homework and exams. But with helpful smartphone and tablet applications, both students and parents can take some of the stress out of the back-to-school blues.

Be ahead of the game and get yourself organized before school even starts with this valuable iHomework ($0.99 and available on Apple devices) app, which keeps courses, school work, grades, to-dos and teacher information right at your fingertips.

Need to read a classic novel for a class this semester? Stanza is a free app that can deliver more than 50,000 classic titles straight to your tablet or smartphone. Available on Apple devices.

Have access to your desktop documents at all times with Documents To Go (varying prices). View Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint files all through this one app. Available on Android and Apple devices.

Evernote is an outstanding free note service that has a plethora of features, including syncing notes between your computer, smartphone and tablet. Take a picture of your notes or syllabus and these documents become searchable within the app. Available on Apple and Android devices.

Add downloading and familiarizing yourself with these apps to your back-to-school prep routine to help start the school year on the right foot!

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