Check out our 2020 Human Capital Report.

It takes more than the best technology to move the world forward. It takes the best people —our V Team.

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Building the best and most reliable networks isn’t only about wireless signals, fiber, cell towers, connected devices or next-level experiences. It’s about the collective commitment of a group of people working together towards a common goal — to move the world forward.

For the first time, we are releasing our 2020 Human Capital Report, which details the programs and practices we have in place to help employees thrive at work and in life. From how we recruit the world’s best talent to our long-standing commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion, this report is a reflection of what makes Verizon an exceptional place to work. Because we know it takes more than the best technology to deliver on our purpose. It takes the best people —our V Team.

By showcasing the depth and breadth of our programs, our Human Capital Report provides a blueprint on how we attract and develop V Teamers who are ready to take on the future and lead in the age of 5G and beyond. While few companies of our size publish this type of report, we believe that to be a leader requires transparency, accountability and an acknowledgment that there’s always more work to be done and opportunities to seize.

As we look forward, where we go as a company rests on unlocking the full potential of every V Teamer. By investing in our greatest asset — our people — we will have the right talent and skills to build the future and connect the world.

This is our story. And we’re just getting started.


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