Congratulations to Best-in-State Student Teams in National App Challenge

By: Justina Nixon-Saintil

Today, 81 teams of students from middle and high schools across the country learned that they’ve earned the title of Best in State in the second Verizon Innovative App Challenge. I’m so proud to recognize these students for the hard work they put into developing ideas for mobile apps that address problems in their schools or communities. Last year’s Innovative App Challenge delivered outstanding apps and we are excited to see more innovative and creative concepts with this second competition.

I have been thrilled to see students, some as young as sixth graders, using their STEM knowledge and skills combined with their imaginations to identify problems and conceptualize solutions that can be developed into usable apps. Due to the quality of submissions, it was very difficult to choose our 2014 Best in State winners. Nearly 1,300 teams of 5-7 students registered this year! Thousands of students were inspired to work together to find real-world solutions to obstacles that mattered to them.

On behalf of Verizon, I commend every student and team that worked hard on their ideas. The purpose of the challenge always has been to increase student interest and knowledge in STEM subjects and mobile technology by engaging them in an empowering learning experience.

The Challenge is not over yet for the Best in State winners. Soon we will select 24 Best in Region winners, which will be announced on February 4th. From the pool of regional winners from The Best in State teams and, about a month from now, the eight Best in Nation winners will be named.

Based on what I’ve seen of the state winners, the judges won’t have an easy time selecting the final eight teams. Good luck to everyone!

Click here for further information about the Best in State winners or visit www.verizonfoundation.org.