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Diego Scotti introduces new campaign.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Chief Marketing Officer on “Real Good Reasons” customers choose Verizon.

Diego Scotti introduces new marketing campaign.

With 130 million customers, there are 130 million reasons people choose Verizon. So why not turn to them to help tell our story? That’s exactly what’s going to happen starting Sunday night during the Academy Awards broadcast, when we debut a new set of ads with real Verizon customers explaining why they choose Verizon.

Hear more from Chief Marketing Officer Diego Scotti, and get a sneak peek at one of the ads that’s part of the new campaign.

Diego on Real Good Reasons in English.

Diego on Real Good Reasons in Spanish

Be sure to tune into the Academy Awards on Sunday, February 24 at 8 PM Eastern on ABC to see the ads.

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