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Empowering officers with a real-time connected body camera

By: Nick Nilan

Axon Body 3 will be shipped at the end of September

Axon Body 3

Verizon has earned the trust of public safety organizations by providing reliable, secure communications when it matters most. We’re pleased to add the Axon Body 3 camera to our list of certified products for the Verizon Responder Private Core.

Axon Body 3 is the first LTE-connected camera purpose-built for law enforcement and was designed to improve officer safety.

“Verizon is happy to continue its relationship with Axon, powering cutting-edge technology for public safety officials who utilize critical communications solutions,” says Nick Nilan, Director of Product Development for Public Sector at Verizon. “Public safety agencies continue to work with Verizon because we have the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network and we’re excited to continue to bring innovative, advanced solutions to first responders nationwide.” 

The Verizon Responder Private Core is a portion of its leading 4G LTE network, separating emergency data communications from commercial and consumer traffic. Verizon also provides priority and preemption services, as well as enhanced service management and control.

Axon Body 3 is just one of many Verizon-certified devices we offer to first responders that are designed and built with their unique needs in mind.

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About the author(s): 

Nick Nilan is Director of Product Development for Public Sector at Verizon