Expressing pride for their Hispanic heritage.

Mundo and Leticia take advantage of every opportunity to succeed and they tell us how.

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Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) is a time of celebration and reflection. Arriving from a number of Latin American countries and not certain what their futures would hold, Hispanic Americans have experienced great success and have influenced every aspect of American life and culture. With 19% of the U.S. population comprised of individuals of Hispanic descent, Latin traditions, music and food have become mainstream throughout our communities nationwide.

Meet two V Teamers - Mundo and Leticia - who share their stories and their pride about their heritage:

Edmundo “Mundo” Prado - Recruiter - Talent Acquisition

Mundo arrived from Nicaragua when he was eight years old, first living in Florida and then moving to California where his grandfather and uncle resided. He recalls how difficult things were for him and his family, including not seeing his father for a couple of years because he arrived in the U.S. first to establish himself with a job and shelter. When Mundo arrived, he was now without his mother for a few years and she eventually was able to join the rest of the family. Mundo recalls a fond memory with his father, who had very little money for any extra expenses, gathering him and his siblings into a van and taking them to Tahoe where they saw and played with snow for the first time. It’s an experience he’ll never forget.

Mundo’s life experiences led him to our V Team where he recently joined us after four months participating in the Hiring our Heroes Military Fellowship program. After retiring from a 27-year military career in the US Army, Mundo made the transition from military to civilian life as part of our Military Recruitment Team. Mundo and his wife Michelle are proud parents to two daughters, Marisa and Marina. Though born here in the U.S., it’s important to Mundo that his daughters know and understand their heritage. He keeps with tradition by cooking foods from his culture, including oxtail soup and all kinds of rice and beans dishes. As a new V Teamer, he already understands the value of employee resource groups at Verizon and has become a member of Verizon VALOR, SOMOS Verizon and Verizon UNITED. He recommends ERGs to all V Teamers.

Leticia Peralta - Cslt-Account Svc - Governance Manager 

Leticia’s mother always instilled the importance of education in her six children. Her mom was an immigrant of Mexico and often held down two, and sometimes three, jobs to make ends meet. Because her mom worked so much, Leticia and her siblings appreciated any bit of time they could spend with her at the end of the work day. Fast forward and Leticia’s mom is proud to see that her dreams came true because all of her children are successful. One is a doctor, one is a lawyer, three work in business fields, and Leticia rounds out the family as a V Teamer of 31 years. Leticia is grateful because our benefits allowed her to earn her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees through our Tuition Assistance Program. Her MBA has elevated her skill level and she’s recently earned a position in our Program Management Organization (PMO). Leticia is a member of SOMOS Verizon, Verizon PACE, Verizon WAVE and Verizon UNITED, and she welcomes you to join one or more ERGs too.

As a proud Mexican-American, Leticia instilled the same work ethic in her sons Oscar and Steven who are as driven as their mom in their education and career aspirations. Leticia has also stressed the importance of remembering and living one’s heritage. As a family, they celebrate all the Mexican holidays and enjoy a variety of traditional foods. Dia de los Muertos is one of their favorite holidays as it celebrates loved ones who have passed before them. On this holiday, Leticia builds an altar and puts out the family’s favorite food and drinks as they celebrate their roots on how their loved ones have shaped them. 

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month to Mundo, Leticia and our entire V Team. 

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