Ever lost a Fitbit? You’re not alone! How to find a lost fitbit.

There’s no doubt about it. Wearable fitness devices are small and easy to misplace, lose or rediscover in the pocket of your just-washed-and-dried jeans. How many people are using these small wearables? Nielsen reported last year that of 2.5 million Android smartphone users also owned a wearable device — and 60% of those devices were fitness trackers.

But there’s a way to track the tracker. Mr. Noobie, a longtime tech reviewer and Verizon customer in Indy, has a few tips for us to make the reconnaissance effort work when a device goes missing. When he misplaced his Fitbit recently, he did what most of us do: retraced his steps. But along the way, he found a few apps that can help. In a recent post, Noobie shared: “There are few apps you can use to give a more real-time view of how close you are to your Fitbit based on the Bluetooth signal strength.

For iPhone and iPad users there is the free BTLExplorer app. There’s also a $5 app specifically designed for finding your Fitbit called Fitbit Finder.

For Android users there is the free Bit Finder app.” You can also check what reviewers have to say who downloaded these apps and see how they’re rated. Fitbit reported this year that it had 9.5 million active users as of April 1 and remains one of the leading providers of fitness wearables. Even Fitbit notes that checking your dirty laundry pile is a good bet.

And like Mr. Noobie, the company also recommends using a Bluetooth locator app. So remember to have a back-up app for your fitness device!