FiOS On-demand Marathon Makes Binging a Good Thing

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It’s here!

FiOS On Demand Marathon begins a free week of nearly endless TV and movie content for your #FiOSBinge pleasure

Sometimes over-indulging gets a bad name – sweets, for example, or fatty foods.  Starting tomorrow however you can choose to watch as many of your favorite TV series in full seasons or watch a nearly limitless supply of top-flight movies, one after another if you want to, and your cholesterol and blood pressure will be just fine.

And when you do, let us know how you are enjoying your sleepless nights by sharing your thoughts at #FiOSBinge.

From April 1-7, the FiOS Free On Demand Marathon, the biggest marathon yet, provides you with a week of stellar entertainment.  Coinciding with the HBO Free Preview that starts April 4, this Marathon will feature full seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones, True Detective and Girls, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Nashville, NBC’s Chicago Fire and Parks and Recreation, plus many others.

For movies, how about The Great Gatsby, Hangover 3, The Heat, World War Z, The Hobbit, and 42 to name a few of the 2,300 movies customers can enjoy.

So indulge until your heart is content.  Your eye doctor may not like the idea but we know you will if past experience is a guide.  And while you are waiting for the popcorn to pop, send us a Tweet at #FiOSBinge – we’d love hearing about what you are enjoying!

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