Get the most out of home entertainment this year with a free FiOS workshop


I had the chance to catch up with some friends over the holidays, and because everyone knows me as the “Verizon guy,” one of my friends peppered me with questions about his FiOS TV service, which he had gotten several weeks earlier.

Always eager to talk about FiOS TV, I began walking him through the Interactive Media Guide, the thousands of On Demand choices available, DVR management, programming searches, the on-screen tech support tools and the FiOS Mobile app.

He was blown away by everything FiOS TV offered and joked that Verizon should offer a class about all this great stuff.  Little did he know Verizon does offer free FiOS TV workshops at many of its Verizon FiOS retail stores.

There are a number of different workshops taught by Verizon experts, starting with an introductory one that walks through the basic features of your FiOS service, provides tips on how to best manage your account, and teaches you to set up favorites and parental controls, program your DVR and more.

Another workshop spotlights FiOS Mobility, where you can learn how to use the FiOS Mobile app to access free and subscription on-demand content to watch movies and play games on your tablet or smartphone.