Give Your Most Essential Tech A Boost

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You know the moment.  You’re watching a great episode of your favorite TV show on your tablet and all of a sudden… It buffers because you moved rooms?

Starting today, we’re offering the new FiOS Quantum Gateway, the fastest, most flexible router Verizon has ever offered.

If you’re wondering what the big deal is, it’s simple. At home and work, we’re all  increasingly relying on Wi-Fi for everything from watching HD video, uploading photos, working from home, video conferencing and more. This latest addition helps you do more.

3 Things We Think You’ll Love About It:

  • Delivers up to 800 Megabits per second with an unobstructed range of up to 325 feet* – so go ahead and walk upstairs and hand over the laptop so your kids can Skype with family.
  • The FiOS Quantum Gateway’s dual-band gateways can separate high-bandwidth activities (like HD video streaming and online gaming) from regular data consumption (like web browsing and email).  (5 GHZ for bandwidth-heavy activities and 2.4 GHZ for the lighter stuff). This creates a experience for everyone online.
  • The ability to block all Internet access, block and allow certain websites or to block by key word in a URL.  
  • And here’s a bonus point: We’ll be adding new features and functions to the router over time. All updates will be delivered seamlessly without the need for you to do anything at all. Future updates include privacy and security access controls such as “guest” passwords.  And device-specific access, which will allow me to cut off Internet access to my son’s iPad when screen time is over.  

So go ahead and check out more details about our new Gateway: verizon.com/fiosquantumgateway

For you REALLY techie types, we’ve put together a little infographic that explains the wonders of the Gateway bit by bit (pun intended).


And just think, the next time you are Skyping with a loved one and they want to say hi to the kids, who are upstairs, you won’t have to worry about  a delay.  

* Speed and range tested in lab conditions using latest generation wireless devices.

**Wireless signal strength and range may vary depending on a number of factors like, among other things, age/type of wireless devices used, internet service, router location, distance from the router, physical obstruction and radio interference, and the layout of the home.