Google names Verizon a Gold Verified Peering Provider for optimized connectivity to cloud apps

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What you need to know:

  • As a Verified Peering Provider (VPP), Verizon can offer its unmatched broadband networking services to Google customers for simplified, optimized connectivity to Google applications such as Google Workspace, Google Cloud, or Google APIs

  • VPP is an alternative to Direct Peering. Direct Peering requires customers to establish and maintain connectivity to Google applications themselves, managing complex routing designs and operational requirements in-house. VPP simplifies these processes for customers by offloading these responsibilities to a network provider such as Verizon.

  • Gold VPP status is the higher tier of two service designations. It is assigned to Internet Service Providers with physically diverse connectivity to Google in multiple metropolitan areas. Silver Verified Peering Providers have physically diverse connectivity to Google in a single metropolitan area.

NEW YORK - Verizon Business and Google have announced that Verizon has been named a Gold Verified Peering Provider, the highest designation assigned to internet service providers (ISPs) who can provide connectivity to Google services.

As a Google Verified Peering Provider (VPP), Verizon can offer its Internet services to Google customers who want simplified, highly reliable connectivity to Google services and applications such as Google Workspace, Google Cloud, and Google APIs. A customer who uses a VPP is able to offload the complexities of establishing, maintaining, and optimizing its connectivity to Google services, assigning those responsibilities to the VPP as opposed to managing them in-house.

This is especially helpful for customers whose operations incorporate latency-sensitive secure access service edge (SASE) or complex SD-WAN migrations involving Google Cloud. Verizon’s secure, highly reliable enterprise-grade ISP capabilities can provide primary connectivity and backup redundancy to ensure these operations are carried out with low latency, high efficiency, and minimal distraction from the customer’s core business activities.

“Google’s VPP program lines up well with Verizon Business’ customer-centric approach to enterprise networking, which emphasizes reducing complexity for the end user and providing a seamless, secure, and highly reliable connectivity experience. We’re proud to offer Google customers our unmatched broadband capabilities as a Gold Verified Peering Provider,” said Kyle Malady, CEO, Verizon Business.

“We at Google are excited to welcome Verizon as a Gold level Verified Peering Provider. Verizon's global network footprint, breadth of enterprise connectivity offerings and deep interconnection to Google's network make them an ideal partner for our program, and for our mutual customers looking for the best possible connectivity experience to Google," said Bikash Koley, Vice President, Google Global Networking.

Verizon’s Gold VPP designation, the higher of two tiers, means it offers physically diverse connectivity to Google in multiple metropolitan areas. The VPP program has rigorous technical requirements and standards of service, which are detailed on Google’s website.

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