HTC Droid Incredible 2 Review

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Indiana blogger Wayne Drescher Jr. shares his thoughts on the HTC DROID Incredible 2. Wayne gave the Verizon Midwest team permission to cross-post this on our blog.

HTC is back with the Droid Incredible name and they are back with style. I myself being a big fan of HTC and their devices welcomed this with open arms and I really wanted to take some time with this phone to see what changed from the first Droid Incredible. I had the first Droid Incredible as a personal phone before I went to the Motorola Droid X and since then I have missed that little stylish beveled bundle of joy. Check out the full story with pictures and HD video review below!


Hardware is exceptional with a nice rounded edge to accentuate that beautiful SLCD glass. The screen itself is SLCD which is a change from AMOLED which was on some previous models of the original Incredible. The SLCD screen works well in the sunny skies and provides great viewing angles in the hand. The back camera is still 8 megapixels and provides the same dual flash we saw before. The real news is the front facing camera which gives us a 1.3 megapixel view of ourselves which was a needed addition to an already great phone. HTC kept the trademark beveled battery door but added a nice extended antennae embedded inside the back of the battery door to extend and help the range of signal. The phone itself has a nice plastic material that I love, it feels as though I could drop it without it taking alot of damage yet it feels soft in my hands. I love the fact it weighs less then the bigger screen smartphones out there and is ready to easily fit in to your pocket. It does have pin hole mics on the top and bottom of the phone to help with noise canceling and to give the user a better sounding call. The speaker itself sounds a little bit different in a good way, music sounds more surround then my old Incredible I had. One good thing they did was remove the track sensor pad on the bottom which I myself never used, and they went with a nice flush piece of glass keeping the capacitive buttons below. Speaking of those bottom capacitive buttons, they got a make over as well. When you turn the phone from portrait to landscape the buttons themselves follow the rotation 90 degrees to give the user a personalized feel. Sure the buttons are cosmetic but these are the things that separate it from other phones out on the market. All in all, the design of the phone is very much different from its past predecessor in many ways. HTC got rid of that that bright red highlighting and then blacked everything out giving it that nice smooth matte finish that makes you focus on the screen more.









Picture/Video Taking

Picture taking on this device was exceptional and by far exceeds most digital cameras in the market. Some people don’t understand why smartphones are so expensive and price out around $500.00, but the real fact is that you get more then just a phone, you get many devices rolled into one. When you buy a device like this you get the power to get Google maps navigation, the power to listen to your favorite songs like an mp3 player, and take stunning HD videos with amazing pictures like I have taken below. Check out the set and you can see why owning this as device maybe one of the best decisions you ever made.








I want to keep this as brief as possible so you get a chance to watch the video instead of here my babbling. The phone is a hot device for someone who isn’t worried about having dual core or having blazing fast future LTE compatability. Please consider grabbing the Incredible for its positive features like the great camera, smaller beautiful screen, easy to slide in the pocket design, and the fact there’s no big negatives hitting you in the face. Check out the video below to see the full go around of the device and let us know below if you’re going to grab one or if you already have one!

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