HTC Rezound Android Phone Review (video)

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David Novak from The Gadget Guy blog shares his thoughts on the HTC Rezound.

You could make a case that the Rezound phone by HTC could be the Flagship Android phone of the year so far. It ain’t the thinnest, nor does it have Ice Cream Sandwich yet, but being the first carrier-branded handset in the US boasting a 720p HD display does set it apart from the rest. It’s also the first HTC phone to incorporate Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio technology. The HTC Rezound ($300 with a new two-year contract) is one of the more capable devices released in the past year. With robust specs, including a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and Verizon LTE 4G connectivity, the Rezound could be the phone to beat for the rest of the year.

Star Rating:
Cost: ($299 with 2-year contract)
Where to Buy: Verizon Wireless

The Rezound sports a 4.3-inch, 1280-by-720-resolution super LCD screen, and it’s not small in stature. It compares size-wise to the Nexus S and just a tiny bit smaller than the DROID RAZR. Having said that, this device is great for watching movies, live TV and playing games. It weighs in at around 6-ounces, which gives some added stability while talking on the phone.

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