Life Hack Series Pt.1: Broken Glass? Grab a Slice of Bread

By: Phil Burrows

I dropped my iPhone the other day. It was bad. Tiny shards of glass everywhere. There I was on my hands and knees trying to pick up the pieces when I remembered a video I had seen.

In it, Trip and Tyler, online personalities creating some fun, fact-filled videos for Verizon FiOS, use a slice of bread to pick up broken glass. Apparently this is a tried and true method shared the ages over by life-hacking ninjas. Needless to say, the slice of bread picked up even the smallest shard of glass. 

We’ll be sharing other life hack videos that are part of a series in the coming weeks. So stay tuned or visit the complete playlist here on Verizon’s Youtube channel

About the author(s): 

Phil is an external communications coordinator, supporting public relations and integrated marketing for Verizon. His responsibilities include creating new ways to engage with the FiOS consumer base and media, both nationally and locally. While he often writes about the latest FiOS news, he also enjoys networking and discussing how technology is fueling a change in our everyday lifestyle.