Motorola Droid 4 Review: Why this Android Smartphone May Be Best iPhone Alternative

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Jeff Haywood from MLive in Michigan shares his thoughts on the Droid 4 and why BlackBerry users should consider this device.

The Motorola Droid 4 finally delivers a physical keyboard and 4G LTE high-speed data service on Verizon Wireless. Although I have been comfortable for years typing with on-screen keyboards like the iPhone, having real keyboard on a smartphone is a refreshing change. BlackBerry users, please take note of this phone.

The good
Keyboard: While this is the only reason to consider buying this smartphone since it lags behind other Android options in some areas, it is a big selling point. The five-row slide-out keyboard isn’t perfect, but I love it. The keys are raised and spaced out enough that my fat thumbs always find the right keys, something I never do on a touchscreen keyboard. Numbers have their own row of keys. The keys are light up in the dark to make night texting easier.

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