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08.08.2014Personal Tech

Moving Business Forward

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Our Executive Briefing Program Provides Opportunities to Exchange Ideas and Discover Powerful Solutions

When the vending machine at Verizon’s Ashburn Solutions Center is out of diet soda or needs service, it automatically provides that information to the vending operator. This kind of machine-to-machine technology (M2M) is just one of the innovative solutions that we provide to our customers.

Solutions as Varied as the Challenges

Verizon offers an Executive Briefing Program to introduce customers to the range of solutions we offer—in such areas as mobile business, networking, cloud storage and security. We host approximately 500 events for customers every year, where they can discover the technology solutions and innovations we deliver.

Our executives meet with customers at one of three centers—Technical, Solutions or Innovation—to discuss that company’s specific needs. The Technical Centers focus on what’s happening now with today’s technologies, and the Solutions Centers deal with what’s possible in terms of practical demonstrations of solutions. The Innovation Centers turn their attention to what’s next and the forward-thinking ideas that we offer.

The result is a collaborative, flexible relationship. Customers can walk away from the Executive Briefing Program with a customized solution or continue to strategize with our experts about their specific business challenges.

Uncovering the Potential of Big Data

Looking ahead to what’s next, we’re focused on data analytics: how data is collected, what can be done with it and how it can be used to a company’s advantage. Imagine a vending machine with facial recognition software that could tell manufacturers that the primary users of its machine are females ages 14–16, and that most of them are wearing athletic clothing. Demographic information such as this can help the company build its next set of machines.

Solutions Built for Your Business

In the near future, we plan to create Solutions Centers that both offer a wider range of solutions and fit better into Verizon’s existing vertical support framework. We also plan to expand our Executive Briefing Program to be a truly global enterprise, with more centers located outside the United States to address the needs of international customers.

The Executive Briefing Program celebrates technological innovation. We work to ensure that consumer demand will never outpace the technological innovations we create to satisfy our customers. We believe that every opportunity can be met—today and tomorrow.